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Our Clients

It is with the professionalism as well as the building of rapport with customers that it have maintains a roster of client companies acquiring our products and services. No wonder, we have continuously been gaining a name among companies that demand our services. TRUST has been deservingly earned by our business organization throughout the years since it opened from our humble beginnings.


The continuous patronage of our prestigious and established clients had served as the impetus for the start of something more. Yet, unlike any other business, the diversification of our products and services had not diminished the quality of the products and services we offer.


What sets us apart from other colleagues in the business is that we offer quality service from the moment the contract is being handled to the materials as well as the technical expertise of the personnel handling the job. Not any cent is lost to haste. This is to continuously earn the trust as well as the satisfaction of even the most discriminating customers.


Hence, with the convergence of the business into one solid enterprise, we envision to abide by the targets we have set forth, namely:

• Enter and search for new markets
• Increase revenues on existing markets
• Acquisition of modern equipments for improved operational performance
• Delivery of products and services more efficiently and effectively


We believe that we are far apart from our main competitors in the business because we possess the backbone that make a business stand on solid ground. We have what it takes to make it big.


Anyone in the industrial and marketing field knows quality is an important element for success. Those who can bring quality produce would reap a good harvest. Those who aim for quality products and services need not look any farther. It is with Adtek Wood Industry, Inc. where one can experience top of the line services ranging from wood based products. It is your one stop shop for your industrial needs.


If you wish to know us better, we welcome your inquiries about our products and services and how we may serve you better. You may reach us at our office at Mamatid Road, Brgy. Banlic, Cabuyao, Laguna, through our landline numbers +63 (49)5312410 / +63 (49)5317067, telefax +63 (49) 5314972 and email Our personnel and staff are very much willing to accommodate you in your needs. We’ll keep an eye on your needs………