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Wooden Pallet and Crates in Laguna - Adtek Wood Industry, Inc.

About Us

“Where Quality is our Business”

As a key player in the service sector, we continue to shape and re-shape our configuration so that we would be able to meet the challenges of globalization and free trade. Hence, the consolidation of the three formerly separate business units into one coherent business organization solidify our thrust and commitment to further uplift the quality of service we provide. It is also very apt and timely for the three units to finally merge so that business and industrial needs are acted on a quick pace.

Adtek Wood Industry, Inc. is a family business comprised of several business units. It is founded by Mr. Leopoldo L. Hemedes, Sr. and its history can be traced way back in 1989. The presence of multinational and industrial companies in the CALABARZON area has given the impetus for the successful business. It had started from humble beginnings as supplier of wood based products, the client companies are assured that ADTEK Wood Industry, Inc. is backed by the following key important essentials to meet the task of providing high quality products and services:

 • Extensive knowledge and experience in the industry
 • Sound financial standing/status Presence of modern and quality equipments and mater
 • Presence of modern and quality equipments and materials
 • Ample facilities
 • Effective communication and transport system

Continuous improvement, innovation and transformation had been the norm in the business organization. And yet, as we continually aspire for perfection and excellence in our line of expertise, we never forget the innumerable areas that need to be dealt with concern. It is the client-provider relations where we maintain a harmonious relationship with our clients more than every peso they pay for our services.

Knowing that we serve the best of the best in the industrial field, we know that getting the right people to work in the organization should be our aim. As such, the success of the business organization would not be realized without the competence of its officers and technical staff. The needs of the various client companies are best served because of the professional capacity of the people who work for the organization. It has the following set of officers:

LEOPOLDO L. HEMEDES – President/General Manager
LESLIE ROSE G. HEMEDES – Chief Operating Officer
GLICERIA G. HEMEDES – Finance Manager
LESTER PAUL G. HEMDES – Operations Manager
IRMINO L. HEMEDES – Project Manager
ISAGANI L. HEMEDES – Electrical Engineer
INERWIN L. HEMEDES – Civil Engineer
ENRICO S. GASAPOS – Project Supervisor

Apart from these main people in the organization, we also have competent staff to handle the administrative and technical work our clients demand.


“We deliver the best”

The presence of industries and industrial companies in the CALABARZON area was left unnoticed by Mr. Leopoldo L. Hemedes, Sr. who, in 1989, had put in mind a brilliant idea. Enterprising as he was, 1989 proved to be the start of a fruitful endeavor. It was when Adtek Wood Industry Inc. was born.

It initially ventured into wood-based products for companies, among which were wood pallets, crates, discs, etc. supplied to industrial companies located in industrial zones and elsewhere. It manufactures pallets of standard sizes and specially designed ones. It was only a decade after its operations that it acquired various modern machineries and equipments. The acquisition of modern tools as well as the continuous improvement by keeping abreast with the latest techniques and innovation in the manufacture as well as preservation of wood-based products has contributed to a high output of 250 pallets in just eight hours. Contributory also to this high turnout is the presence of 70 trained craftsmen. This achievement has propelled the expansion of its operations in Southern Tagalog, Bicol area and as far as the Mindanao Island in just a short span of time. To date, it supplies pallets in 50 companies nationwide. The main plant is located in Brgy. Mamatid, Cabuyao, Laguna.

One would easily know if a pallet is from ADTEK Wood Industry, Inc. Aside from being reasonably priced, it is durable and of excellent quality. Thus, it is generally accepted in the market, making it a leading brand.